The best The offspring of a customized orbiter, O´kostem arose as the best balanced home for our plans. So we submitted to its conditions.
Prototype O´kostem's deep impulse flow is selectively regulated by a molecule originated in the prototype model, that creates its own variational principles, as oriented by the first local generation of terminable androids.
Has been reduced Paired hosts come out nicely after only two cycles now. Their size has been reduced to a half the original as planned, and indeed they show an evolutionary advantage in the process of fixing self-generated instructions. Plus, they are beautiful.
By close-alikes Now I have regained hopes in someday finding myself surrounded by close-alikes to us. However, they will not be audible, at least not in my life span. We resolved the low freq vibration a superior solution for our communicational goals ...
To bear We did not expect their surface to produce such a carbon powder coat, though this is the best model so far. I shall have to bear with the inconveniences. They seem to establish a parallel communication through that carbon coat and I find myself unable to decodify the signal into anything meaningful.
The zero level Today a set of vibration came up from the zero level; we expect to launch the transitional program in no longer than five basetime units. Psykesoma? galore and we'll betray our very nature into infinite, unending 2D surfaces. We do need that vibration, and we will conquer its source.
Beautifully To keep my sanity I wear the tactile sensors all the time. They translate beautifully; I can even see distances while still on Psykesoma. This was quite a discovery. We have grown more adaptable than expected.
Uneasy to match Yewoona had to travel farther and longer than I did. Her base orbiter was set to keep a complex combinational path that made it uneasy to match our circuits. But her nature showed stronger than programmed.
Adapted to serve Keep feeding them. We will never be this lucky again; an autogenerated species adapted to serve all our needs!
At soonest "Blood is dark red, iron dark blue, this tale is blissful and so are you". I should get to the hotel at soonest. The agency guy must be there already, with some luck we'll have some nice dinner on him. How's that?